Video Counselling

Online Video Counselling Explained


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The most common video conferencing platform is Skype. However, Manage Your Life Counselling uses a video conferencing platform called VSee. This is a video chat and telehealth platform used by medical health professionals and NASA. This means that it is a more secure system which is compliant with the Data Protection Act 1989.

VSee use 50% less broadband width than Skype which is more effective if you have a slow broadband connection. VSee is FREE (open source) and easy to download and install. Visit the VSee homepage at:

Is Video Counselling suitable for me?

Can you answer ‘YES’ to the following five questions:

  1. Are you over 18 years old?
  2. Are you a United Kingdom resident?
  3. Are you willing to reveal information to your therapist about yourself, your feelings and identity?
  4. Would you have 50 minutes of your time in a quiet place with no interruptions to have the therapy session once a week?
  5. Do you agree with my confidentiality policy?*

*To view the confidentiality policy, click on the button below.

What to Expect

Video counselling in progress

Video counselling is in the privacy of your own home. This also means; no travelling, parking or rushing to get to a therapy clinic. The sessions offer the same theraputic value as face-to-face counselling.

A Client Intake form will be emailed to you for completion - then you will need to fill it in, electronically sign it and email it back to myself. This form offers me, the therapist, background information as well as what you expect to gain from counselling.

If you choose to go ahead with Video Counselling then a 30 minute pre-therapy consultation is offered at £15 (payable in advance). This gives us both the opportunity to see if we are comfortable working together. Further video counselling sessions are £25 for 50 minutes (payable before each session begins).

Before your therapy journey begins, a counseller/client contract will be emailed to you for completion. Once signed it must be emailed back to me. Each week, asessment tools, handouts and homework tasks will be emailed or verbally set before, during or after each session. Some of these may also need to be completed and returned.

What Equipment do I Need?

You will need a computer with a webcam and an internet connection. You will also need to know some basic computer skills such as: How to access and use the internet; How to download and install programs; How to operate an email program (for opening, reading and sending emails with attachments).

It would also be helpful if you had a printer as you may need to print off hand-outs that I give you during the session.

If you have any questions regarding video counselling, you can email me at: