What Previous Clients Have Said

Beyond what I thought would be possible

What Lisa and I accomplished in our sessions is beyond what I thought would be possible. I came hoping that the pain that I felt would be lessened or numbed. I never expected that by the end of the sessions my physical and emotional pain had virtually disappeared. In the process of this healing my perspective on my life and my future has completely changed. I have never felt so comfortable with being myself.


I will always be grateful

To Lisa, I will always be grateful for all of your support during my most difficult time.

- Mr A

Thank you so much

Dear Lisa, Thank you so much for all your help and kindness given to me when I was at a very low time. I know it has helped me tremendously.

- S.H.

Thank you for being a good listener

Dear Lisa, Thank you for being a good listener over the last few weeks.

- Mrs J.

A big thank you

I found the experience far more successful than I thought it would be. It was also an easier process which I think was down to Lisa’s approach and style.
I can’t say there was anything I would have wanted to be done differently. The only thing to say is a big thank you.